Monday Weigh In

I’m staying steady at 233.  I’m hoping to have a big whoosh of weight come off soon.  I really wish I had more time to post.  I am down at least 2 more inches around my waist.  So something is working.  I have increased my peeing as of late so fingers crossed the water is coming out of my body 🙂  Hope everyone that glances at this blog is staying on whatever plan they are following.

Weekly Weigh In

I’m was at 233.8 on Sunday.  I was out of town on Monday.  I haven’t had much time to post.  I’m trying to organize our house!  I found that 9 months of pregnancy + a newborn/infant things just became a chaotic mess.  Hopefully as soon as this stuff is all done I’ll be able to really focus on my website.  (Yeah right)  Maybe if I try to convince myself it shall happen!!

Monday Weigh In-Low Carb

I weighed in at 236.6 lbs this a.m.  That is a 4.2 lb weight loss in a week.  I do like that 🙂  I have one more pound to hit 15% of my body weight gone.   41 lbs total gone since March.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  And of my husband.  He too has lost 41 lbs since March.  We have one more week on our Dietbet but we are both at goal.  I will be posting that weigh in picture.  Hope everyone else is doing as well as they can be!  I’m off to run the kiddos around.

Monday Weigh In-Week 8 Low Carb

I weighed in this morning at 240.8 lbs.  It is a 1.6 lb loss.  Yesterday morning I was down to 239 even.  But we went to a Major League Baseball game.  I purchased tickets that included a buffet and free drinks.  I decided that I was going to enjoy the game and the food.   I had a whole beer and some nachos!!  I’m pretty sure it is water weight and I’m okay with that. I’m also getting close to “that time of the month.”  Hopefully next week will yield a greater loss!

Friend Makin’ Monday and week number 7 of low carb

I’m down to 242.4 this a.m.  I believe I’m down 3.2  pounds from last Monday.  A grand total of 35 pounds since Mid March.  Hopefully by next Monday I will be in the 230’s.  I’m currently enrolled in 3 Diet bets.  (  I’m one week in on two of the bets and one of the bets just started today.  I’m really hoping to be down to the high 220’s by our anniversary which is at the beginning of August.  I’m having my mom watch our 3 kiddos and I’m making a weekend of it. Speaking of anniversary…Kenlie from is having her Friend Makin’ Monday today and the questions are about the internet.  Which my segue will totally make sense after I answer the questions.

If you are reading my blog please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section at: It seems like a great way to meet people that are also blogging.

The Internet

1.  Have you ever met anyone online before meeting them in person?  I have.  Only one person though.  My husband.  I actually signed up for and as the commercial says…found my soul mate.  Only one person in my life other than my husband knows this though.  But we talked online and email long before we met in person.

2.  What is your opinion on social media’s impact on our society?  Does it make life better or worse?  I think it’s great for me to keep in touch with friends instead of talking on the phone with 3 kiddos.  But I do feel that it also makes me not take time for friends to actually see them in person.

3.  Do you believe that it’s possible to fall in love with someone that you’ve never met in person?  I can say I didn’t fall in love with my husband before I met him in person.  I liked him tons 🙂  Once we met in real life I knew we were going to marry.  We had chemistry!

4.  Do you prefer to shop in stores or online?  I prefer to shop in stores but I do a lot more online shopping these days.  Trying to drag the kids out is not fun.

5.  What blogging platform do you use?  (WordPress, Blogger, something else?)  I’m on WordPress.  I just paid to have the .com so not sure what I’m doing 🙂

6.  Have you ever blogged for another site?  Would you?  I have not.  And I probably would.

7.  Do you use services like Netflix and Hulu? No and No.

8.  Would you prefer to get blog comments or to interact on twitter?  I would say blog comments.  I do not have twitter at all.

9.  Do you prefer to read books or e-books?  I like both.  I prefer to have a real book in my hands when I’m reading but I love when I hear of a book that I can download it immediately.

10.  Share at least one experience that you would not have had without being a blog author.  I have nothing for this one.  🙂

I hope everybody has a great week!

Friend Makin’ Monday

I started following a blog that has Friend Makin’ Monday.  I really hope to make some friends while blogging so I thought I would give it a try!  The blog is  Just copy the questions and post them on your blog.  When you are finished head over to and post a link in her comments!  Here is to trying something new!

Ten Simple Questions

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Wow,  I really should have washed my make-up off before bed last night.  OOPS!

2. Do you prefer to pay for things with cash or plastic? I prefer my debit card.

3. What is one word that you use too often?  Seriously?!?!?!?  I didn’t realize I said it so much until my 3 year old started using it recently.

4. Who is the last person outside of your family who said “I love you” to you?  A friend of mine didn’t say it, it arrived in a thank you note.

5. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone and mailed it? Probably Feb.  I sent a few thank you cards out for gifts for our new addition.

6. Have you ever been called upon for jury duty?  Yes, but since I’m a stay at home mom I wasn’t required to do it.  Yay me!

7.  How many keys are on your key ring?  I have 3.  And I never use any of them.  Weird right?

8.  List two characteristics that you want to change about yourself.  I wish I was a little more mellow.  I seem to always be on edge.

9.  Do you bring your own shampoo and conditioner when you travel, or do you use what the hotel provides?  I always bring my own!

10. What is your birthstone?  Do you like it?   It is aquamarine. And I do love it.  It such a pretty color blue!